Welcome to Virginia's 1st Net Zero Community

About Us

Think Global, Act Local


International.Villas long term vision is to be able to provide energy needs for local schools and hospitals in the municipality where each International.Villas community is located.

Each community will provide housing for:

University Research & Development

Corporate Gatherings & Retreats

Civic Gatherings & Retreats

Private Gatherings

Hikers & Campers

It is the intention for

International.Villas & International.Construction

to provide for research and technological advancement in sustainable construction.

Small Homes & Tiny Homes


International.Villas designs and constructs both small homes and tiny homes, but our emphasis is on small homes.

We believe one should never compromise too many comforts and luxuries.  

Although we try to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible in all of our designs, not everyone feels comfortable in a tiny home.

We design and tailor your unique home for your needs and desires.

Incorporating the Future


Each International.Villas community will try to designate land within the community for future growth and development as new design elements and materials come onto the market.

We will be designing our homes and communities utilizing, but not limited to, the following systems:

geothermal with underground cisterns

rainwater collecting

solar installations

compost waste

mushroom insulation

jean insulataion

dozens of novel ideas!

The Team


Our team comprises a multitude of international independent contractors

 and volunteers ranging in capacities from solar experts to environmental ecologists.  

Each unique individual contributes their own area of expertise with the common thread of 

wanting to make the world a better place for future generations.

Creator & Founder - Gwen Cassady


Her only A+ in graduate school, University of Virginia,

 Professor Emeritus Paxton Marshall's Civil Engineering 

EcoMOD course, 'Designing a Sustainable Future', 

Gwen's passions include  renewable energy and custom design.

As the only student selected, she was a consultant for AHIP & LEAP and canvassed the 10th & Page neighborhood in Charlottesville, Virginia where she conducted over 50 home owner interviews coupled with conducting smoke pencil, blower door tests, and geothermal imaging to determine the most efficient solutions.

 Admitted into the inaugural Master's International program in conjunction with the Peace Corps and the Curry School of Education, in addition to Gwen acting as a TA for Managing Sustainable Development in the McIntire School, she also took courses in Darden, the Environmental Sciences school with a NASA scientist, and she was the only non-major participant in the EcoMOD programs in both the Architecture and Engineering Schools.  

Having lived, worked, or traveled to over 60 countries and all 7 continents, Gwen invests her time facilitating a wide array of ventures.  However, International.Villas is Gwen's primary life goal and hopes to have International.Villas communities internationally by 2022.  

Managing Love, Inc.


International.Construction is a ManagingLove.org subsidiary.  

ManagingLove.org is currently fully funded by ManagingProjects.org.

It is our greatest hope to form community partnerships with HUD and the Department of Agriculture.

Our long term, strategic vision is to not only sell energy back to the municipality, but to provide for all energy needs of local school systems where an International.Villas community is located.

Our first International.Villas community will break ground in 2020. 

In alignment with ManagingLove.org's 2020 vision of 

Peace, Prospertity, and Sustainability, we hope to be the 

first net zero community in the state of Virginia. 

It is our founder's hope to be the first female in the United States to be commissioned by the Department of Energy to design and construct the first net zero community comprised of small homes.

Other interests of ManagingLove.org include, 

but are not limited to:







Fully Funded by ManagingProjects.org:






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